About Us


Prej·u·dice /ˈprejədəs/

“preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience,”
“an unjustified or incorrect attitude (usually negative) towards an individual based solely on the individual's membership of a social group.”

Zero - the threshold separating positive from negative, and if you multiply or divide any number with it you will wipe it out

Our Story

It was the content of a corporate all-hands call in the early summer of 2020 addressing our nation’s recent brutal current events that triggered our backyard conversation. The stories and experiences shared over live video by senior executives were raw, personal, authentic and therefore hard to verbalize by otherwise so established speakers. Never had silence, due to overwhelmed personal emotions, delivered a message with such an impact. Never had leadership portrayed themselves in this light in front of the workforce before. The message was clear; it is time that we acknowledge reality and take responsibility on both a personal and corporate level to move forward to the better.  

During normal circumstances only one of us would have listened to this video call, but this time it had played on speaker in our backyard. As we reflected after the call, we, a couple with very different backgrounds and upbringings, for the first time talked about equity and equality with a focus on us and not just in general terms. One word kept coming up in our conversation - Prejudice. While the dialog ended that afternoon, the conversations didn’t stop as something stuck with both of us. What had just taken place contributed to, and later triggered the birth of Zero Prejudice.

Us launching a fashion brand would not surprise many as the family fashionista had always had an eye for style and fashion and been a lifelong trendsetter. However, it was the fashion with a purpose that brought it to fruition as a portion of passion and energy had now been applied and the creativity suddenly felt limitless.


At Zero Prejudice we believe words and actions matter, but we would also argue that it is our day-to-day behaviors, attitudes and feelings that often contribute to Prejudice in our society. It’s easy to speak an opinion or attend a setting, but if we are not connected to our daily behaviors and attitudes words become empty and actions unauthentic.

Our mission is to provide a quality brand that combines style and comfort with a courageous and uncompromising message about equity and equality. Zero Prejudice was founded on the conviction that we all can do something to impact our communities, even in the simple statement of how we present ourselves to the world. 

Our hope is that our Brand will provide an increased level of self and social awareness. Perhaps another conversation is triggered, maybe a question is raised that otherwise would have been unspoken, and hopefully more of us will take the time to look inwards and question our own beliefs and attitudes. Furthermore, our hope is that Zero Prejudice can help put light on all types of prejudice as it is so much more than just related to class, gender and ethnicity.

We strongly believe that connecting people is one of many avenues that can help reduce Prejudice among us. Therefore, part of our mission is to support, participate and arrange opportunities in this area and 5 % of our proceeds will go towards actions with a mission to connect people.